Training & other Consulting Service

Training & other Consulting Service

Our dedicated team of highly experienced advisors can offer you master exhortation and direction. From business arranging, board advancement, key improvement, to monetary administrations, offer and delicate written work, our specialists utilize their joined quality of abilities and mastery to convey the correct outcomes that bring enduring worth.

A dedicated team of consultants and bespoke training courses TRAININGS

Bespoke Training

Karvi can work with you to identify the desired outcomes for your training initiatives and then help you to develop the most appropriate interventions accordingly. The cost for this bespoke service is upon application.

Trustee Development

We have developed a number of board development workshops to support the leadership skills of Trustees and Committees. These workshops are available to individual boards of trustees.

Action Learning

Action Learning is a dynamic, action focused way of learning and development, based on real-life work and challenges rather than abstract theory; a flexible way of learning that helps you make sense of current and pertinent issues affecting your organisation. You will work with your peers in a collaborative and supported environment.

Skills Advice

We can carry out in-depth analyses for whole organisations or teams to identify organisational and individual training needs.

Consultancy services

Strategic Development

Audit and advancement of your association and activities, helping you to get where you need to be. This incorporates improvement of your association's vision, mission, qualities and working with you to build up your vital strategy for success.


This incorporates the advancement of wage age methodologies, exploring and recognizing potential funders and instructing you through the application procedure. We give master support and exhortation to your subsidizing applications

Research and Evaluation

Many funders now require external assessment, evaluation and validation of projects. We can help you with all aspects of research, monitoring and evaluation

Change Management

Understanding any change methodology requires care, control and correspondence. We can help you at all times procedures to comprehend your circumstance, create thoughts for development and convey these to enable your group to understand everything.

Team Building

We offer custom fitted projects to draw out the best in a group; empowering self-improvement, administration aptitudes, positive correspondence, and the capacity to work firmly together to issue fathom. We can give custom fitted Action Days in the group.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Capable business and corporate social obligation includes organizations distinguishing dangers and maintaining your business in a way that creates a positive effect on society, the earth and your business. We can bolster you to convey vital, imaginative and innovative CSR arrangements. We comprehend that in the present focused world this must enhance your business.

Board Development

We can help you to identify the skills and techniques that you need to build and maintain an effective Board, including skills audits, the importance of working together, facilitated Away Days and conflict resolution.

Mergers and Collaboration

Bringing two or more organisations together brings particular challenges. We can assist with merger plans, due diligence, staff integration and feasibility studies.

Organizational Development

Facilitated programmers to increase the long term health and performance of your organization. We can assist in restructuring to meet your needs whether you are managing cuts or expanding your activities along with communication plans and strategies.