EmployeSelf Service (ESS)

EmployeSelf Service (ESS)

  • Online innovation for representatives to see compensation slip, submit IT assertion, choose FBP, submit inquiry.
  • Online Access to View/Print Salary Slip
  • Mechanized Attendance, Leave Import/Export Solution
  • Online Leave Solution
  • Repayment Management
  • Supplant Excel to Web-based Processing of Payroll, Reimbursement, F&F, Reports Generation, E-challan Generation

Viable finance organization can be an impetus for this change. At the point when you would prefer not to deal with all finance forms in-house, you can consider finance re-appropriating to an accomplished supplier, for example, Alp.

As a solid finance re-appropriating organization, we offer better and increasingly proficient finance the board procedure for your association.

Out Sourcing Payroll

A portion of the advantages of redistributing finance the board incorporate the accompanying:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Help all through the whole life-pattern of the worker, directly from the day of enrollment to exit
  • Streamlining of all finance forms
  • Diminished interest in IT foundation
  • Very much idea out asset organization
  • Exacting adherence to consistence and statutory prerequisites
  • Mistake free documentation and reports
  • Strong business insight that helps top administration and with their vital activities.
  • Generally safe of punishments due to rebelliousness
  • Expedient and effective goals of all representative issues.