Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Turn your brand visuals into business performance using the Social Media platform. Laser targeting, clicks to conversions, closing sales, and much more.we are mostly performing all kind of social media strategies to influence the clients to reach their target with in short period. Social media is the platform where the information goes virally very quickly. we do Facebook, Instagram,Twitter,Linkedin etc..


Comprehensive Social Media Management (SMM) for small & medium businesses

If you have dismissed SMM so far as being ineffective for your business, it is time to think again. In a recent survey sponsored by Social Media Examiner of marketers in both B2B and B2C businesses, the top two benefits cited by over 75% of participants of social media marketing are increased online visibility and web traffic.

Search Engines, particularly Google have been aggressively fighting spamming. Links can be manipulated, and they have learnt to look beyond links to social signals and brand reputation.

Stumped by Social Media wondering how your 'boring' B2B business can create interesting stories? We will brainstorm with you and create engaging content which will establish your brand on Social Media. We will decipher which platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, YouTube - are frequented by your customers. Then we will build up your social presence on these sites : Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube.

Have we caught your imagination? Talk to us to explore how you can listen to your customers, attract prospects, and manage your social reputation.


Strategic Planning

  • Review your existing online marketing activities and social media profiles
  • Review Social Media Marketing profiles of competition
  • Recommend a Social Media Marketing Strategy including a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Linkedin, Pinterest (all relevant channels). It is a plan to establish your business in social media platforms, the activities to increase your business' social authority, generate more leads, collect prospects' contact details.


Create and review the design of your Facebook Page for business. Provide code to add 'like' button Website and to 'follow us on Facebook'.
Cover images developed with your existing images and text. These will be rotated at agreed upon schedule.
Create custom apps for the Facebook Page such as subscribe tab to capture names, email addresses and mobile numbers of leads; Tab for drive likes by making offers, etc.
Suggest posts which people would love to share. Promote posts to increase targeted reach. Cost of promoting which is payable to Facebook is not included in our pricing.
Create Facebook ads for a targeted audience : We can create and manage an ad campaign for you. The costs of the ads are included in our charges, but managing a campaign is included.
Monitoring conversations, deleting spam, and postings replies on the Page


We will create and customise a WordPress Blog and link to Facebook and Twitter. Blog posts can be scheduled and sent as a post to Facebook and Twitter.


We will create or revise your Twitter account, and set up custom background image. We will tweet content provided by you on your behalf and build your group of followers. Link your Facebook Page and YouTube Channel so that any Facebook posts or Videos uploaded will automatically tweet to your followers. Provide "Follow Us" link code to be included on website


We will establish your LinkedIn Profile and manage it. We will establish connections with other key LinkedIn members; post messages on your behalf and begin to generate leads and referrals. Link LinkedIn Profile to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; Connect with suitable Linkedin Group. Provide "Connect" link code to be included on website. Use promoted posts to generated followers and drive traffic to website. Cost of promoting which is payable to LinkedIn is not included in our charges.


Create or review your YouTube channel and set up custom cover image. Link to Facebook and Twitter (any videos uploaded to YouTube will send a post to Facebook and Twitter).
Suggest videos which your customers would love to share. Apart from videos captured on camera, these videos can also be presentations, ads, testimonials
Uploading and optimizing YouTube videos with keywords, titles, and descriptions to be found and drive traffic
Managing YouTube comments by answering posts and removing spam as needed
Creating videos is not a part of our services.

Google Plus

  • Create a business Page or Local Page
  • Link website to Google Plus Page and establish your authorship. Provide code for widget to 'follow us on Google Plus'.
  • Post messages on your behalf and generate followers. These posts will link to your website / YouTube as necessary to generate traffic to website.


People are talking online about your brand and company 24*7. Customers may be furious with bad service or poor product quality and may be letting the whole world know what they thing about it. They may be sharing positive experiences, like excellent service at your resort, with friends. Your competitor may have launched an online competition which is attracting great response.

You will want to know what consumers and prospects are talking about you or your competitor. You do not want to be in a position where your product has got negative press about failing regulatory tests and you are not aware of the thousands of negative mentions about your brand on social media. You would want to track those conversations and respond fast, before your reputation is damaged.

Our Social Media Monitoring Services includes :

  • Monitoring conversations about your brand on social media
  • Monitoring any unusual spikes in brand mentions and the sentiments
  • Track your competition for any unusual activity
  • Find out who are the influential people who are talking you or your competition and reach out to them