24x7 Online Services

24x7 Online Services

Discover the potential Audience

we cannot go out to capture traffic if we do not know the type of client marked in the marketing plan. Basically because these profiles will define what actions we need to carry out. Not all users "move" the same on the internet.

Online brand identity

you need to create a well-designed, usable, multi-device web thinking of tablets and mobile phones, and well indexed in Google. Design and usability are useless if you do not exist for search engines. For that, web architecture is key. A first good impression is essential to establish new relationships with users.

Attraction of traffic

once you are well anchored on the internet, it is important that you see "the window" to start seducing. For this you have two paths. Advertising or PPC (pay per click) such as googleadwords, social ads, online advertising ... and also organic methods grouped with inbound marketing techniques (social networks, blogging, SEO ..).


following the line of these phases, if users arrive at your website but do not interact, realize the work that you will have wasted. Here you need visible contact forms , simple web tours, attractive offers, and calls to action (CTA) that incentivize those clicks that are sorely needed


in this phase we are talking about sales. Note that until we reach step 5 we have not talked about this. Visits and sales are often talked about only by ignoring all of the above. Whether the sale is made, or if there is only one record there is a whole work behind marketing automation to continue increasing the sales ratio: